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One secret? We listen. To understand who you are. Who you want to be. And who (and what) matters most to you. We leave no stone unturned, no detail unattended to, no possibility unexplored. BMP Wedding Planners in Delhi want your wedding day to be perfect for you. We're more than just a boutique wedding planning firm with a global team that has the creative capacity to design and execute an unforgettable wedding event. 

BMP group has grown in this industry for over 30 years of experience with a vision to guide our clients with our knowledge and expertise while maintaining their unique vision. Our destination wedding planners in Delhi bring years of experience of more than 150 weddings executed Indian and international weddings with no weddings produced alike, as they are inspired by the couples who hire us. Our events are 100% custom, strategically designed, and curated to celebrate.

BMP Weddings

When it comes to planning a wedding, getting married at a casino can be very convenient. A wedding in a highest payout casino UK can be as romantic as a wedding in a traditional place. The basic requirements for a casino wedding are the same as for any other wedding. You should know that many casinos do not have wedding party services. This type of establishment is popular among couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a unique place.